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Things to Do in Palmer, AK

When you think of Alaska, adventure comes to mind. Come see the many attractions Palmer offers for its visitors. We know you'll find something you can't experience anywhere else!

Alaska Dog Sledding

Dog sledding, more often referred to as mushing, is a classic Alaskan excursion where you and your vacation party hop on a sled pulled by pups.

You can even watch pro mushers compete in races if you're interested. Here's everything you need to know about this Alaskan hobby!

Hatcher Pass Hikes

If there's one thing Alaska offers, it's the best hiking in the world. With rocky mountain ranges stretching across the horizon, glaciers, waterfalls, and lookouts as a destination, and an innumerable amateur explorer.

Our mini-guide will delve into some of our favorite hikes in the pass, explaining why you should go on each one.
 explore, Hatcher Pass is the perfect place for any amateur explorer.

Knik Glacier Tours

Come see a sight that is exclusively Alaska. The Knik Glacier is a beautiful sight that anyone would be awed by. You can learn how these icy rivers develop, and take some fascinating pictures of the snowy Alaska terrain.